Dr.Aditya Khemka specializes in Knee & Hip replacement & revision, Arthroplasty (Joint Replacements) and Osseointegration surgery.

Dr. Khemka demonstrates expertise in addressing a wide range of orthopedic challenges, from degenerative joint diseases to complex revision cases.

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About us

Objectives and Values

To maximise the number of patients, whose lives can be benefitted through my areas of specialisation in Orthopaedic Surgery including Trauma, Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, & Robotic Osseointegration I have started my practice since 2018 in India. Till date I have conducted and assisted over 3000 such patients ranging from 6-month-old child to a British war veteran who was a victim of the land mine in Afghanistan. Making it extremely satisfying for me to work tirelessly to treat more patients who can benefit and walk again.

I value a standard of care that is dynamic and reflects current evidence based medicine to optimise outcomes and provide the best of care for patients centred on compassion and respect. I promote and participate in academic and clinical excellence through continued medical education, research and scientific publications.

I have set up a Centre of Excellence of Robotic Osseointegration in India. Being only a handful of surgeons across the world who can perform this surgery, and the only Indian, I have not only made an indigenous implant but also done India’s first fourteen patients since September, 2019.

Conditions Treated

Joint Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement

Hip Replacement

ACL & PCL Reconstruction


Sports Injury

Surgical Treatments

Dr. Aditya Khemka is a highly skilled surgical surgeon specializing in various procedures such as:

  • Hip Surgery
  • Knee Surgery
  • Limb Reconstruction, including Limb Lengthening
  • Foot & Ankle Surgery
  • Osseointegration
  • Fracture Fixation

His expertise and dedication make him a valuable asset in the field of surgical medicine.

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